Kagame protested that Nkunda’s rebels were acting of their own accord and not on Rwanda’s orders, but he nevertheless intervened. Nkunda. Accord de Lemera Et Son Corollaire Le Pillage Des Ressources Minieres de La Rdc. Vovband Tweede Kamer NL. La DSP a Tenté de Tuer Mobutu. kanambe. TM Spiritual Warfare Uploaded by. pasco11 · Accord de Lemera Et Son Corollaire Le Pillage Des Ressources Minieres de La Rdc. Uploaded by.

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At the time of writing, MONUC support was not suspended to any other army units despite credible information that gross human rights violations were occurring elsewhere and none of the commanders implicated in past serious human rights violations had been removed from involvement in Kimia II operations.

Some have joined forces with the FDLR, strengthening their ranks. The change in military operations did not alter lemrea tactics of the FDLR and they continued to attack and terrorize civilians.

Published on Jul View Download 0. Parfois manque dlectricit ou un groupe lectrogne, pour des oprations, il utilise deslampes tempte et parfois mme une lampe torche quand il ny a pas duptrole pour les lampes tempte, approvisionnement deau dtruits, des inutilisables installations hydrauliques, Parfois les malades se couvrent de leurs pagnes et vestes. Operation Kimia II continued the brutal trend of sexual violence that had begun during operation Umoja Wetu. He too was arrested in Goma on February 13, taken to a house in Goma near the public beach on Lake Kivu where some of the arresting officials changed into Rwandan military uniforms before transferring him across the border to a military camp in Gisenyi, where he was held and regularly beaten until February 26, when he was released.

Bon courage nous y arriverons Denis Mukwege tait Chef de service de gynco, l’hpital de Lemera trs rput dans toute la rgion des grands lacs on venait se faire soigner du Burundi et du Rwanda Lemera!

Parmi ces Ces stratgegies figurent notamment les suivantes: According to a local chief who participated in the burials after the coalition forces had departed, the victims included 11 women, nine children, and 20 men. FDLR and APCLS combatants who were present in the village during the attack reportedly put up some resistance before they fled, leaving the civilian population behind.

A local chief from southern Lubero was arrested on March 9,by soldiers who accused him of telling the FDLR to attack. SinceRwanda has backed three different Congolese rebel groups and sometimes other splinter factions who agreed to fight the Rwandan Hutu militias, but who also all sought to overthrow the government in Kinshasa.


In its report published on October 13, AAAS added that it believed further destruction had taken place outside the bounds of the imagery it had in its possession. Amnesty International Earlier in the conflict, in October, Zairian doctors reported that members of the Tutsi-led armed group had killed 34 patients and six staff at Lemera hospital, about 60 kilometres south of Bukavu.

“You Will Be Punished”

A year-old woman who was raped during the attack told Human Rights Watch accorrd happened to her. In many areas, Congolese army soldiers also forced civilians to carry out services for them such as collecting firewood and water, or constructing their temporary huts. If you are against us, before they come to kill us, we’re going to kill you. Human Rights Watch is not aware adcord any action taken by General Mudacumura to prevent or take serious actions to punish individuals under his command who were responsible for serious crimes in violation of international law.

All properties of the hospital including the stock of medications were destroyed. Cette quipe mobile travaillait troitement en collaboration avec les glises et les autorits locales pasteurs, notables pour rappeler aux parents de lhoraire des visites de cette dernire dans leurs villages respectifs.

Que Kabila se montre qu’il dirige re humains lekera non les animaux car tt ou tard son rgne prendra fin. Le lendemain, lorsque nous sommes retourns sur les lieux, ils avaient t tus dans leurs leera d’une balle dans la bouche. Very little information about the wide-scale brutalities has come out of this area. In late and early two important agreements were struck, which diplomats hoped would end the conflict in eastern Congo.

In latethe FDLR was estimated to have at least 6, combatants, controlling large areas of North and South Kivu, including many key mining areas.

Congo-Kinshasa: Two “Umoja” Journalists Detained For One Week –

The violence against ve was often accompanied by widespread looting and the wanton destruction of homes, schools, and other structures, leaving victims with no hope for the future. Determining this reward is the responsibility of the supreme authorities of the Alliance”. The damage amounted to an estimated 80 percent destruction rate.

Since the start of operation Kimia II in March, at least leera civilians have been killed and dozens of women and girls raped on this isolated stretch of road. Human Rights Watch has documentedthe deliberate killing of a further civilians between March and September Congolese citizens in the densely populated provinces of North and South Kivu in eastern Congo on the border with Rwanda, an area deeply affected by two consecutive elmera from to and again from towere desperate for peace.


Hospital in Lemera, south of Bukavu, attacked. The widespread destruction of homes and other civilian structures without a militarily justified reason is a form of collective punishment against the civilian population.

Congo-Kinshasa: Two “Umoja” Journalists Detained For One Week

ldmera Nkunda gave a vague commitment to leave Congo temporarily for South Africa, a point that was later much disputed by both sides. International humanitarian law requires the humane treatment of civilians and captured combatants, prohibits violence to life and person, including murder, torture and other mistreatment, the taking of hostages, collective punishment, and outrages upon personal dignity.

Once military operations were underway, FDLR combatants threatened to punish civilians who, they said, had cooperated with their attackers. They voted overwhelmingly for presidential candidate Joseph Kabila, who promised to end conflict in this troublesome region. When local human rights activists intervened, they received anonymous death threats.

Peacekeepers have made notable efforts to protect civilians which undoubtedly have helped to lsmera lives, but in many instances they have arrived too late or not at all, leaving local people exposed to attacks with nowhere else to turn. There are an estimated 44, Congolese refugees in official refugee camps in Rwanda, in addition to other unregistered Congolese Tutsi who live in host families or who bought lemea own land in Rwanda. They burned 97 houses and a health center in Lushoa, 63 houses and three classrooms in Mashuta, and 13 houses in Numoo.

States have an obligation to investigate alleged war crimes committed on their territory. For their part, the Congolese army units of the mixedbrigades loyal to Kinshasa showed little willingness to fight the FDLR. The attacks in the area between Nyabiondo and Pinga were largely commanded by former CNDP officers operating under the command of the 2nd Operational Zone of North Kivu a designated military zone where operations were being conductedwhose headquarters was in Mushake Masisi territory.


This report is, in part, a testimony to their immense courage and will for the truth to be known. The incidents were often short in duration and included soldiers randomly shooting at civilians, beating them, or burning their homes with no advance warning.

They said they knew her name, but not her face and demanded to know if ce was her.