Another (アナザー) is a novel by Yukito Ayatsuji, a mainstream serialized chapters, a hard-cover version of the novel was published in Another, a novel by Yukito Ayatsuji, was translated from Japanese into Press for our work translating the book into English from Japanese. Another (アナザー, Anazā) is a Japanese mystery horror novel by Yukito Ayatsuji, published on . Kirika (霧果): Voiced by: Hitomi Harada (Japanese); Tiffany Grant (English): She is .. Original Japanese version published by Kadokawa Shoten.

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What would I see in the blank space borne from this photo? PhoenixTerran Oct 21, Now, I’m not fluent in Japanese, so I’m not going to say something stupid like how I could have done a better job. Look, they go to the beach. Even if I hadn’t known anoter plot in advance again, thanks to having watched the anime based on the bookI still would have gotten frustrated.


There is so much open for interpretation and so many aspects that are left unexplained. I love how everything that they really know about it comes from Mr. However, there were many things that needed improvement, phrases that came across very awkwardly in English that I know wouldn’t have been so in Japanese. And when it became obvious this wasn’t the case, the deaths of the students were suitably shocking and occasionally quite gruesome, and I think that as occasionally annoying as it was to read, the characters did act quite realistically given the situation they were in.

ANOTHER (NOVEL) by Yukito Ayatsuji

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: The third element is the story-writing. The characters used to write the name is not known.


Also, by choosing first person POV over third person, he actually emphasized that cheating. This makes sense because most of the characters, even main ones, tend to die off fairly quickly, and with such a large cast to murder, you kind of expect it.

However, the story really did find its feet and become very exciting in its second half. Around the time that the first death occurred, I was as frustrated as Sakakibara with the way everyone was avoiding his questions, but more frustrated with the amount of time it was taking for him to figure out the truth of his existence on his own.

Open Preview See a Problem? When they finally explain you what’s going on around halfway to the book things start to get far more interesting Reviewing the collected volume of Another is actually quite difficult because it varied quite sharply in quality.

No trivia or quizzes yet. In response, Mei took off her left eyepatch, and looked again at the photos. While Another was slow burning and occasionally frustrating to read, it did maintain an air of mystery throughout and contained some decent twists and memorable characters.

Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Also, there might be grammatical errors or lines I skipped. Her left eye is a fake they say, a blue eye. When he starts a few days into the month of May, he meets a mysterious girl name Mei Misaki and he is warned about the “North Yomi Fundamentals” – superstitions that apparently exist to prevent the occurrence translztion untimely accidents. I hope to be able to bring you many more critical reviews of young adult novels in the future. I’m not sure if the description is a direct translation of the Japanese or if it’s just American mistake.


The only thing that trasnlation me go, “Meh” for this book was the writing style. Views Read Edit View history. I don’t know actually anothee which one I like better!!!

Another – Baka-Tsuki

The characters are bare-bones at best, some of them rather forgettable in spite of playing a large role in the story. The summary says the class is haunted by a vengeful spirit but this wasn’t in the anime.

Works Kadokawa Dwango franchises Fiction about the paranormal Sacrifices in fiction School life in translatuon and manga Seinen manga Sentai Filmworks Suicide in fiction Supernatural anime and manga Television shows set in Japan Thriller anime and manga Fiction about urban legends Yen Press titles. And as the novel goes on it just gets worse, until you reach a point were you think everything is just going down, lost. I give Another 3 stars not because I don’t enjoy it, but merely because I had read far better novels by Yukito Ayatsuji than this one.

Another is a marvelous combination of mystery and horror. Thank you all for your endless to support. Fairy tale crossovers murder mystery!

Students at the school are friendly enough, but when Sakakibara tries to broach the subject of Misaki, everyone does their best to dance around the question and Sakakibara’s subsequent questions about the curse of Class 3. Without context, even a small footnote, the reader is left wondering what’s going on, whether this is a dangling plot thread or a bit of bad translation or whether they’re actually expected to know about 15 year old Japanese crimes.

There was no way this could go wrong!