Explore, Learn, Relish Asa Ki Vaar with audio at Asa di VaarAsa-di-varmeans A ballad of hope; it is one of the basic Asa di Vaar: Complete Gurmukhi text with English Transliteration and Translation. About Asa Di Vaar: Asa Di Var is a collection of 24 pauris or stanzas written by Shri Guru Nanak Dev ji (Sri Guru Granth Sahib, Ang to Ang ). The whole .

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Search the history of over billion vi pages on the Internet. Sikh Religion and the Sikh People 3 rd revised edition 3. Sikhism – An Introduction 2″ d revised and enlarged edition 4. Sikhism – 1 questions answered 2.

Sikhism – An Introduction 2. Saint Soldier The Khalsa Brotherhood 3. Comparative Studies of World Religions 4. The Creation of Englixh Edited 5. Baramah The twelve months 1. Kirtan Sohila and Ardas 2. Sikh Ln, Facts and Fundamentals of Sikhism l st edition 3. Japji l st edition 2.

Sikh Religion and the Sikh People l st edition 1. Khalsa College, London 1. Sikh Festivals London 1. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted, in any form or by any means, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without prior written permission of the original publisher.

Typeset by Vikas Compographics, New Delhi-1 Almost every important word in the Punjabi text has been given an individual footnote number and the English meaning of the word is recorded in the relevant footnote. At other places a group of words have been underlined and a joint footnote number is given engliah that group. The English meaning of the entlish is given in the relevant footnote e. For the key to transli terati on use the following table: It is a master composition of Guru Nanak.

In its present form, as reeorded in Guru Granth Sahibit contains 24 stanzas called pauris and 59 60 couplets called sloaks.

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Full text of “Guru Nanak’s Asa Di Vaar”

In the Puratan Janamsakhi, an authentic life account of Guru Nanak, this composition is attributed to two possible occasions. In sakhi story number 32 there is a reference of first nine stanzas of the composition, which according to a tradition, were recited by Guru Nanak when he met Sheikh Kamal, an heir of Sheikh Farid of Pak Pattan. In these stanzas there is a description of a dual between two rival forces of good and evil and Waheguru presiding and watching it.

In sakhi number 37 there is a reference of other fifteen stanzas being addressed to Duni Chand of Lahore.

In these stanzas the Guru has highlighted the futility of hoarding wealth instead of sharing it with needy people. The construction of the ballad is as follows: Three sloaks, two of Guru Nanak and one of Guru Angad precede the l st and 2 nd pauris. Two sloaks, both of Guru Nanak precede pauris: Two sloaks of Xsa Angad precede 21 st and 23 rd pauris.

Five sloaks of Guru Angad precede the 22 nd pauri. The counting of the total sloaks is summarised as follows: According to this school. The composers of the Guru-vars in the ascending order are: Bawan Akhri and Thithe in raga Gauri. It has 13 pauris with 27 sloaks Pauri 31 titled as ‘Pauri M: There is a remark ‘Shud ‘ at the end.

Page, in Bawan Akhn: The ragas where there is a recording of such comments were probably chosen at random. Thus ragas which have no emglish were not so chosen. The overall theme of the Asa di Var can be summarised as: The teacher-Guru helps devotees to cross that ocean The facial beauty is transitory. One must live an honest life and should remain engrossed in the meditation of God.

God himself ssa the creator, sustainer and the destroyer. God is the real support of all o f us. The gist of the above is that God had created this world in his own image and had sent human beings to meditate on His name and live an honest life. The goal of all human beings was liberation from transmigration and people had to change their lives to achieve that goal.


People needed to meditate on the name of God and to perform noble deeds to attain Mukti.

The blessings of God were required for liberation from worldly englieh. But alas the man had forgotten all laws of moral ity, ethics and religion.

The six chhants so chosen have in total 24 padas. I have followed the same tradition to arrange the bani faar that order in this book.

> Asa di Var English Translation

I am very grateful to Mrs. Poonam Kapoor, my erstwhile support, for her guidance, continuous conselling and help to complete this challenging work. My thanks are also due to Sukhdip Kaur Khaira for designing and arranging the manuscript in its present fonn. Sukhbir Singh Kapoor 8th November ?

He was rescued by peddlers. They took him to a different country. The king of that country had died the previous night. The ministers decided that whosoever would enter first in the moming, would be coronated as the new king. This episode was composed as a var and sung in a specific tune. Asa Mehla 4, chhant ghar 4.

Asa di Var – Wikipedia

My eyes are wet with the nectar of the Waheguru, and my mind is imbued with His love, O King of Kings. Waheguru applied His touch-stone to my mind, and turned vawr into pure solid gold. As a true believer, I am dyed in the deep red colour of the poppy, and my mind and body are soaked with Waheguru’s love.