The D-Link WBR wireless router can be used to create a secure home network for all of your wired and wireless devices. This will allow you to share your. Get D-Link WBR – Wireless G Router manuals and user guides. UPC – If this option is checked, the SSID of the WBR willSurvey utilities so your. WBR RangeBooster G Router. Downloads; FAQs; Videos; Specifications. For access to the right downloads, please select the correct hardware revision for .

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Please allow minutes to connect. If your wireless router uses JumpStart, please check the adapter for instructions. Devices may be listed by number only, unless you gave them unique names when setting them up on the router. Wireless Security This section will show you the different levels of security you can use to protect your data from intruders.

Dlink WBR-2310 User Manual

Press and hold the Reset button on the back of the router likn about ten seconds. Some laptops may not have an Ethernet port, but nearly every desktop computer should have one. If you need to setup port forwarding for a program on your computer, you can do so from the “Port Forwarding” section of the “Advanced” tab.


Thanks for the article. Table Of Contents Big Pond It may take seconds to connect to the wireless network. This page displays the current information for the WBR Contact your internet service provider if you are unsure.

The device has the utility built-in to a ROM chip in the device itself. D-Link may, at its option, replace the defective Hardware or any part thereof with any reconditioned product that D-Link reasonably determines is substantially equivalent or superior in all material respects to the defective Hardware.

When entering the IP address of the D-Link router Log into your router. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 1.

You’ll need one cable to connect the modem to the router, and another to connect the router to your computer during setup. If this doesn’t load the router’s configuration page, check that your computer is just connected to the router and lijk to another network as well. Make sure to remove your PPPoE software from your computer. 230 Installation Considerations 1. In the “Advanced” tab, select “Advanced Network”.

It has a different color than the four LAN ports. Page 65 Who uses wireless? All the wireless devices, or clients, will connect to the wireless router or access point.


Enter the websites that you want to block access to, and then enable the filter. View the next page. View the last page of the log.

Don’t have an account? Remember how there wasn’t a password when you logged in for the first time?


Most users can ignore the host name field unless specified by their ISP. If you don’t see the button, click the “Setup” tab. Select the application you want to use and enable it. D-Link has all the products you need to build your network. You would want to go into your router settings.

WMM is QoS for your wireless network. If you just want to get your router up and running, click the “Setup Wizard” button that appears when you log in for the first time. You can setup your router to block access to specific sites.