In Simple words, Damnum sine injuria means damage without infringement of any legal right. damage without injury is not actionable. Mere loss of money’s. What is the difference between Injuria Sine Damno and Damnum Sine Injuria? The basic difference between the two is in their terms only. The maxim damnum sine injury refers to actual damage without violation of any Legal Right. In such case the mere fact of damage does not.

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Maxim refers to the established principles and prepositions. That is the general rules or principles or guidelines laid down and which are to be followed by the general public. Maxims are very useful, as with the help of this particular point of law can be understood clearly and precisely and also used for the proper solution of the cases.

Maxims are very widely damnim in various branches of law and so in the law of inhuria. As the law is a difficult subject having various interpretations, rules, and principles. It is therefore considered necessary to have these combinations of various Latin and French words to be used for much clearer understanding.

Injuria Sine Damno and Damnum Sine Injuria – Law Times Journal

However, the only difficult part of the use of these maxims is that they have to be applied with full precaution. The person using these maxims has to make sure that whether the case in which it is applied has its application in the same manner, or whether it is an exception to the general rule, as any alterations of any of these maxims would be dangerous.

Injuria Sine Damno is a legal maxim, which means that injury or famnum or damage so caused to the plaintiff without suffering any physical injury or damage.


This maxim is well explained in the case Ashby vs. White [1] where the plaintiff was a qualified voter at zine parliamentary election, while the defendant who was a returning officer in election wrongfully refused to take a vote of the plaintiff. Another leading case is of Bhim Singh vs.

While he was going to attend the assembly session, police there wrongfully arrested him. He was not even presented sind the magistrate within the stipulated time.

Resultant was that the person sin wrongfully deprived of his legal right to attend the meeting and moreover his fundamental right i. It was held that the respondent was responsible, and the petitioner was liable to receive Rs. In case o Injuria Sine Damno the loss suffered is not any physical loss but due to the violation of legal right. Therefore, damages received by the aggrieved party is because of some kind of loss is being suffered, and hence the amount for damages are determined just to compensate the victim.

The amount for compensation can even be rs. Damnum Sine Injuria is a maxim, which refers to injury which is being suffered by the plaintiff but there is no violation of any legal right of a person. Damnum Sine Injuria, the literal meaning of the word refers to loss or damage in terms of money, property or any sjne loss without the infringement of any legal right.

It is not actionable in law even if the act so did was intentional and was injuri to cause injury to other but without infringing on the legal right of the person. Damnu can be better explained in the following case: As due to an increase of competition the plaintiff has to reduce their fees from 40 pence to 12 pence per scholar per quarter.


Injuria Sine Damno and Damnum Sine Injuria

innjuria It was held that the plaintiff has no cause of action as no legal right has been infringed by the other companies. According to her, the film hurt the religious feelings of the plaintiff. It was observed that hurting of religious sentiments did not result in any legal injury, and also that other then the plaintiff no other person feelings were hurt.

Therefore it was held that the defendant was not liable. Injuria Sine Damno refers to the damage suffered by the plaintiff due to the violation of legal rights done by the other, even though there is no harm or loss or injury being suffered by the plaintiff.

As any injury suffered without any damage to the legal right is not actionable in law. The basic difference between the two is in their terms only.

As Injuria Sine Damno is the legal injury so caused to the plaintiff without any damage to physical injury, while in case of Damnum Sine Injuria it refers to the damages suffered physically by the plaintiff but no damage is being caused to the legal rights as zine is no violation of it. Another point of difference is that the of actionable in law, so Injuria Sine Damno is actionable per se as there is a violation of legal right, while the other is not as there is no violation of any legal right is there.

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