Guest blogger David Snopek is an entrepreneur and software developer at LinguaTrek. David Snopek is a founder of and a long-time Drupal developer and community member (link is external). Among other things, he. David Snopek is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with David Snopek and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes.

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YouTube – Happy Birthday Madzia! Blogging is hard work! I’m still trying to recover from the jet lag I wake up completely awake at 3am and I just came down with a cold. Over the weekend, I asked Carrie to be my wife and she agreed!

I particularly like the guy at the end with balloons taped dsvid his head, singing in French and drinking a beer! Submitted by David Snopek on March 4, – 4: Dude, how hard can you be blogging? Its not terribly interesting, I didn’t really plan what I was going to say before I did it.

RESTful web services can be just about anything, so long as they follow a few design principles. By the time I’m home from work, its really late in Poland and there is mainly “adult programming.

It may or may not!

Ebook: Naturalna nauka języka

Submitted by David Snopek on July 30, – 7: Anyway, the trip was brilliant on several davi I’m in the middle of an intense refactor of the Python implementation of Lingwo.

I just got back on Sunday! Anyway, the video follows. That all these people, from all over the world, who don’t even know each other dabid put so much effort in to this. Creating a service Submitted by David Snopek on August 6, – 5: I have just the code for him!


Even so, they placed me in the highest level, bardzo zaadwansowany. On the first day they give you a placement test, to see what level you should be at. Shortly after posting my first YouTube videoI was contacted by a Polish guy dqvid wanted to make a video of people all over the world saying “Happy Birthday” to his girlfriend.

If a service conforms to Lingwo. They have mostly clips on specific themes or topics but a few full shows. Use “curl” to experiment using the service. But all of them are just sitting there waiting for another X revisions before I’m happy enough with them to let the world read. Check out my new blog, LinguaTrek. Some people sang, some made signs, some played musical instruments there’s a flute and violin in there and several different languages are represented Polish, Czech, Spanish, French, sign language.

In talking to him later, it turns out he wants to use it inside of a Pylons application. I have got to be the slowest writer on Earth. But this just me popping up to say I’m still here and I’m going to make another valiant snopel to get some things published. The video he made is now finished and posted!

Why does it take me so long to finish writing? This is a short addendum to part 1 of my Lingwo.

David Snopek

Install the reference implementation. But its really the YouTube community that impressed me. Submitted by David Snopek on September 30, – 7: Aaron wanted to know how to run Lingwo.


You may also see at the. One of the main things I’ve discovered is that I’m not the only one working on this. The hour plane ride should afford me lots of time to read! A CD by Kazik Staszewski. Dsvid it is fun!

Last night I spent a couple hours watching Polish television on Onet. Home About My languages. While some of it is pretty corny, I think the video on the whole is really cool. I bought a whole bunch of awesome snppek You haven’t written anything since October!! This is my old blog.

I imagine that in a year I’ll listen to it and laugh at how bad my Polish used to be.

About | Hack Your Life – David Snopek’s weblog

When I took the course last snnopek, I had a really strong grasp on conscious grammar but was rather weak with speaking, understanding and vocabulary. A friend of my pointed me to wwiTV. Oh, and considering you learn. Not by a long shot. Many of the channels don’t work and I just couldn’t find a time when anything good is on! So, when someone says a service is RESTful, you will still need to read its documentation and learn how specifically that service works.