EC COMPUTER NETWORKS ANNA UNIVERSITY PREVIOUS YEAR QUESTION PAPER, IMPORTANT QUESTIONS, 2 MARKS AND 16 MARKS. Download ECcomputer networks question bank B.E electronics and communication engineering regulation. computer networks. PART-A(10 × 2 = 20). (Answer all the Questions). 1. Define a computer network. 2 . What is the similarity between transport layer and data link layer? 3. Define.

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Documents Flashcards Grammar checker. Electrical and Electronics Engineering 2. Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering 3. Computer Science and Engineering 2. Electronics and Communication Engineering 3.

Bio Medical Engineering 4. Textile Technology Fashion Technology 6. To encourage students to actively involve in participative learning of English and to help them acquire Communication Skills.

To help students develop listening skills for academic and professional purposes. To help students acquire the ability to speak effectively in English in real-life situations. To inculcate reading habit and to develop effective reading skills. To help students improve their active and passive vocabulary. To familiarize students with different rhetorical functions of scientific English. To enable students write letters and reports effectively in formal and business situations. Exercises – Using sequence words.

Reading comprehension exercise with questions based on inference — Reading headings 4. Writing extended definitions — Writing descriptions of processes — Writing paragraphs based on discussions — Writing paragraphs describing the future.

Reading comprehension exercises with questions on overall content — Discussions analyzing stylistic features creative and factual description – Reading comprehension exercises with texts including graphic communication – Exercises in interpreting non-verbal communication.

Listening comprehension exercises to categorise data in tables. Writing formal letters, quotations, clarification, complaint — Letter seeking permission for Industrial visits— Writing analytical paragraphs on different debatable issues.

UNIT III 12 Cause and effect expressions — Different grammatical forms of the same word Speaking — stress and intonation, Group Discussions – Reading — Critical reading Listening, – Writing — using connectives, report writing — types, structure, data collection, content, form, recommendations.

Exercises combining sentences using cause and effect expressions — Gap filling exercises using the appropriate tense forms — Making sentences using different grammatical forms of the same word. Speaking exercises involving the use of stress and intonation — Group discussions— analysis of problems and offering solutions.

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Reading comprehension exercises with critical questions, Multiple choice question. Sequencing of jumbled sentences using connectives — Writing different types of reports like industrial accident report and survey report — Writing recommendations.

Rewriting exercises using numerical adjectives. Reading comprehension exercises with analytical questions on content — Evaluation of content. Listening comprehension — entering information in tabular form, intensive listening exercise and completing the steps of a process. Speaking – Role play — group discussions — Activities giving oral instructions. Case Studies on problems and solutions 2. Brain storming and discussion 3. Writing Critical essays 4. Writing short proposals of 2 pages for starting a project, solving problems, etc.

Chapters 5 — 8. The book listed under Extensive Reading is meant for inculcating the reading habit of the students. They need not be used for testing purposes. Definition of Inverse Laplace transform as contour integral — Convolution theorem excluding proof — Initial and Final value theorems — Solution of linear ODE of second order with constant coefficients using Laplace transformation techniques.

K and Iyengar S. Shape memory alloys SMA: Poole and Frank J. Ltd, New Delhi Further, he should understand the principle of work and energy. He should be able to comprehend the effect of friction on equilibrium. He should be able to understand the laws of motion, the kinematics of motion and the interrelationship.

He should also be able to write the dynamic equilibrium equation. All these should be achieved both conceptually and through solved examples.

P and Johnson Jr. Rajasekaran, S, Sankarasubramanian, G. Hayt Jr, Jack E. Kemmerly and Steven M.

DMI College of Engineering

Suresh kumar and A. Kemmebly and steven M. Analog and Digital Signals — Modulation and Demodulation: Principles of Questino and Frequency Modulations. Mahmood Nahvi and Joseph A. Objects — types — classification — principles — measurements of distances — angles — leveling — determination of areas — illustrative examples. Bricks — stones — sand — cement — concrete — steel sections.

Types, Bearing capacity — Requirement of good foundations.

Brick masonry — stone masonry — beams — columns — lintels — roofing — flooring — plastering — Mechanics — Internal and external forces — stress — questiion — elasticity — Types of Bridges and Dams — Basics of Interior Design and Landscaping. Principle of vapour compression and absorption system — Layout of typical domestic refrigerator — Window and Split type room Air conditioner. Shantha Kumar S R J. Determination of Band Gap of a semiconductor material.


Determination of specific resistance of a given questlon of wire — Carey Foster Bridge. Spectrometer dispersive power of a prism. Torsional pendulum — Determination of rigidity modulus.

Conduct metric titration Simple acid base 2. Conduct metric titration Mixture of weak and strong acids 3.

Determination of water of crystallization of a crystalline salt Copper sulphate 7. Estimation of Ferric iron by spectrophotometry. Study of capabilities of software for Drafting and Modeling — Coordinate systems absolute, relative, polar, etc. Drawing of a Title Block with necessary text and projection symbol. Drawing of curves like parabola, spiral, involute using Bspline or cubic spline. Drawing of front view and top view of simple solids like prism, pyramid, cylinder, cone, etc, and dimensioning.

Drawing front view, top view and side view of objects from the given pictorial views eg. V-block, Base of a mixie, Simple stool, Objects with hole and curves. Drawing of a plan of residential building Two bed rooms, kitchen, hall, etc. Drawing of a simple steel truss. Drawing sectional views of prism, pyramid, cylinder, cone, etc, 9.

Drawing isometric projection of simple objects.

Creation of 3-D models of simple objects and obtaining 2-D multi-view drawings from 3-D model. Plotting of drawings must be made for each exercise and attached to the records written by students.

Sasurie Institutions | Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering | E-Course Material

List of Equipments for a batch of 30 students: Pentium IV computer or better hardware, with suitable graphics facility No. Licensed software for Drafting and Modeling. Verification of superposition Theorem 4. Verification of maximum power transfer theorem.

Verification of reciprocity theorem 6. Measurement of self inductance of a coil 7. Verification of mesh and nodal analysis. Frequency response of series and parallel resonance circuits. Frequency response of single tuned coupled circuits. Verification of Thevenin and Norton Theorems. Verification of superposition Theorem. Verification of Maximum power transfer and reciprocity theorems. Characteristics of PN and Zener diode 7. Characteristics of CE configuration 8.

Characteristics of CB configuration 9. Characteristics of Diac and Triac. Characteristics of Photodiode and Phototransistor.