ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH DEPARTMENTMINI. ENFERMEDAD DE MINAMATA Síndrome causado por envenenamiento por mercurio. ENVENENAMIENTO POR MERCURIO PRODUCCIÓN. Company Logo () Enfermedad de Minamata Resumen En , en la ciudad de Minamata (Japón), comenzaron a aparecer personas.

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An arbitration committee was duly set up by the Ministry of Health and Welfare on 25 April, but it took almost a year to draw up a draft compensation plan. Instead of accepting the agreement as they had promised, the arbitration group asked for increases.

The most famous and striking photo of the essay, Tomoko Uemura in Her Bath shows Ryoko Uemura, holding her severely deformed daughter, Tomoko, in a Japanese bath chamber. However, in an effort to limit the liability and financial burden on the company, these committees were sticking to a rigid interpretation of Minamata disease. Scientists are testing natural products against minamara induced toxicity.

What was not known at the time was that exactly the opposite is the case with methylmercury: Four Big Pollution Diseases of Japan.

Minamata disease – Wikidata

Chisso knew of the environmental damage caused by its wastewater and was well aware that it was the prime suspect in the Minamata disease investigation. Local doctors and medical officials had noticed for a long ed an abnormally high frequency of cerebral palsy and other infantile disorders in the Minamata area. Timeline of Minamata disease.

The album won many awards in jazz circles, including Downbeat’ s best album award, largely on the strength of this piece, which brought ebfermedad further attention on the tragedy.

The certification committee convened on 29 November and agreed that the two dead children and the 16 children still alive should be certified as patients, and therefore liable for “sympathy” payments from Chisso, in line with the agreement. Third, was the “sympathy money” agreement ofwhich forbade the patients from claiming any further compensation, a legally binding contract? They became unable to grasp small objects or fasten buttons.


The participants who had donated hair samples were not informed of their result, even when they requested it. Although the environmental protests did result in Japan becoming more democratized, it did not completely rid Japan of the system that first suppressed the fishermen and victims of Minamata disease.

File:Minamata map illustrating Chisso factory effluent routes2.png

The company’s own tests revealed that its wastewater contained many heavy metals in concentrations sufficiently high to bring about serious environmental degradation, including leadmercurymanganesearsenicthallium enfedmedad, and copperplus the chalcogen selenium. Minamata disease compensation agreements of Chisso was coming under closer scrutiny and to deflect criticism, the wastewater output route was changed.

Also, in recognising an applicant as a Minamata disease sufferer, the certification council qualified that patient to receive financial compensation from Chisso. Identifying which particular poison was responsible for the disease proved to be extremely difficult and time-consuming. He also spoke of his opposition to the change in wastewater output route from Hyakken Harbour to Minamata River.

The se was successful and almost all parties involved in Minamata disease were duped into believing that the factory’s wastewater had been made safe from Enfermeadd onward.

Their parents, who are often their only source of care, are into their seventies or eighties or already deceased. The results shocked the researchers involved. Biological warfare Carcinogen Food safety Hazard symbol List of extremely hazardous substances Mutagen Occupational safety and health. Researchers from the Kumamoto University Research Group and Hajime Hosokawa who had retired from Chisso in used their experience from Minamata and applied it to the Niigata outbreak.

That summer, Chisso sent gifts to the families who opted for arbitration rather than litigation. At the time the medical establishment believed the placenta would protect the foetus from toxins in the bloodstream, which is indeed the case with most chemicals.

The highest concentrations centred around the Chisso factory wastewater canal in Hyakken Harbour and decreased going out to sea, clearly identifying the plant as the source of contamination. The scientific research carried out in Niigata forced a re-examination of that done in Minamata and the decision of Niigata patients to sue the polluting company allowed the same response to be considered in Minamata. On 17 October, 1, fishermen from the alliance descended on the factory to demand negotiations.


Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. After beginning a minxmata at the factory gates in Novemberthe patients asked Kumamoto Prefecture Governor Hirosaku Teramoto to include the patients’ request for compensation with the mediation that was ongoing with the prefectural fishing alliance.

Chisso failed to co-operate with the investigation team from Kumamoto University. Minamata disease patients last appeared inand the outbreak has ended. Despite bad weather, the service was attended by over people, including Chisso chairman Shunkichi Goto and Environment Minister Yuriko Koike.

During andmany different theories were proposed by different researchers.

Minamata disease remains an important issue in contemporary Japanese society. Chisso Corporation official site. In light of the government announcement, the patients of the Mutual Aid Society decided to ask for a new compensation agreement with Chisso and submitted the demand on the 6th of October.

The girls’ mother informed doctors that her neighbour’s daughter was also experiencing similar problems. The final agreement was signed on 27 May. In Februarythe mercury distribution in Minamata Bay was investigated.

Chisso’s Illegal Acts[32] published in Augustformed the basis of the ultimately successful lawsuit. In most people’s minds, the issue of Minamata disease had been resolved.

After a house-to-house investigation, eight further patients were discovered and hospitalised. A memorial service was held at the Minamata Disease Municipal Museum on 1 May to mark 50 years since the official discovery of the disease.