Entre las cenizas: historias de vida en tiempos de muerte. Front Cover. Marcela Turati, Daniela Rea Gómez. sur+ ediciones, – Disappeared persons – The Nieman Fellows at Harvard University have selected Marcela Turati of the “Entre las Cenizas: historias de vida en tiempo de muerte,” (“Amid the Ashes. Marcela Turati y Daniela Rea – “Entre las cenizas. Historias de vida en tiempos de muerte” (). Un libro de crónicas que busca saldar una de las deudas del .

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Periodistas de a Pie. Given the book’s difference in tone, what did this project represent to you as journalists? However, said Proceso magazine reporter and Periodistas de a Pie co-founder Marcela Turati, the book not only aims to inspire people in Mexico who have sunken into hopelessness, but also other journalists searching to tell stories beyond the tragedy.

Entre las cenizas: historias de vida en tiempos de muerte – Google Books

What would you rescue from what you saw? To do journalism is to discover issues of public enttre that some do not want to be known.

Lyons Award in honor of the Nieman Foundation curator who retired that year after leading the institution for a quarter of a century. More than 1, journalists from 92 countries have been awarded Nieman Fellowships since the foundation was established in Like a little script with things we had to pay attention to, to train our eyes and focus them on the right place. She has written for newspapers and magazines in Latin America and the United States.

Marcela Turati: Expose the Hidden Interests of Big Media Companies

The use of technology to search for information with greater impact has been important. It was a learning experience for us. In Fuego Cruzado Crossfire she tells the stories of victims of the war on drugs. Turati previously reported for the Mexican newspapers Reforma and Excelsiorworked as a freelance journalist and marxela the blog and an online discussion group Periodismo de Esperanza Journalism of Hope after spending two years exploring the question of whether it is possible for journalism to bring about change.

Marcela Turati: Expose the Hidden Interests of Big Media Companies | MediaPowerMonitor

It would be desirable for it to become a model, but it can’t always be that way. FIrst, we were able to obtain financing. Those of us who participated in the book sought to make visible the people who get organized, but sometimes it’s difficult to find them. What should we uncover, and cover as journalists, about our own field?


She has been vocal against the murders and exile of journalists in Mexico. What would you ask yourself, should you be conducting this interview — and what would you answer? The winner is turtai each year by the members of the Nieman class.

Headlines from our blog: That can be a reason for them to receive threats.

We didn’t want to give the impression that it was all simple. The Nieman Fellows, including 12 international and 12 U. She is a standard-bearer for the journalists who have risked their lives to document the devastating wave of violence in Mexico.

Many of us journalists heard people say, I don’t read anymore, I turn off the TV, and that’s very concerning. My book was hard, it touched upon plenty of pain, of rntre, and in that time one could only see marcwla destruction.

It looks like a simple book but it has several tricks and secrets. I would respond that we must return to the basics, learn about the history of journalism and how it has impacted history, and, above all, remember our ancestors, those journalists of previous generations who carried out great research and achieved change without the technology, money, tools, channels of dissemination that now exist, without the support of huge media enterprises and with the government cenizs them.

For us it was very important to find financing to organize ourselves, have the book on time, put together a book with a marrcela house for the first time, and the other thing, to do it as a team and not end up fighting each other. Yes, it says a lot.

This was very important to us, that the victims could make the book their own. However, I do not think that we have to only recharge ourselves with data, technology and computers.

From the beginning we said we wanted to find experiences of people who had organized to demand justice for their dead, their missing relatives, or to defend their territory from drug traffickers, or that help others who have it very tough, like in the case of migrants.


Since then I have always felt the need cenizax to remain in the mere description of social problems, but to discover the mechanisms through which injustices are perpetuated. Sometimes it happens that you put people at risk when you make it public that they are getting organized. Lyons was a forceful advocate for freedom of the press.

InMs Turati was awarded the Walter Reuter German Journalism prize for marcella story about Mexican families searching for their vanished loved ones. We asked ourselves, how can we tell what’s going on but from different sets of eyes? For me it was a pending matter to experiment and see if you could do this that we sometimes call journalism of hope, journalism that seeks changes, journalism of possibilities, or what some call journalism of peace and others preventive journalism.

We wanted to avoid the tendency of focusing on the lone hero; we wanted collective efforts. Each one of us had a job and it turned out well. I learned to investigate when I began to cover poverty because I wrote stories about how poor people live. These aren’t rosy stories either, they are the stories of people who are organizing.

People are tired of reading about drug trafficking through the lens of the csnizas. Inshe and her colleagues co-founded Periodistas de a Piea journalism network created to support reporters covering issues such as poverty, civic participation and human rights. The Laas class of established the Louis M. But we made it. Many people who was losing hope asked us, what can we do, I want to do something but I don’t know where to start.

Entre entrr Cenizas will have limited printing but can be downloaded in Spanish for free from the book’s websitewhere the organization has also posted cenizxs videos that go along with each story.