Subject, FOP Trunk -. No ImagePreloader found. Date, Sat, 13 Oct 09 GMT. Hi, I am using trunk to render a pdf and receive the following error. Hi, while testing your with fop-qrcode-zxing, the qrcode is not drawn in the pdf document and I got the following error: SEVERE. The log contains the following error: [fop] Dec 15, PM No ImagePreloader found for.

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FOP and ZXing compatibility

Post by Jeremias Maerki Probably a class-loader issue. Please make sure fop.

Post by Francesc Alted Francesc. Or am I missing something? Post by Andreas Delmelle No, imagepreloaddr correct. Everything you posted after this looks correct too, so I’m a bit puzzled.

The file-permissions should be fine. I just tried changing them to read-only on my end, and this posed no problems whatsoever.


No ImagePreloader found for *.svg

Try running FOP with the ‘-d’ switch. You should get a bit more imagepreloadre about what happens before the error occurs, which could give a hint as to what’s going wrong Post by Francesc Alted 3-mar 8: Post by Andreas Delmelle Using the sample tarball you provided, I cannot immediately reproduce any of the error messages, although I do get a complaint from PreloaderSVG about an “invalid byte 1 of a 1-byte UTF-8 sequence”.

The SVG is included in the end-result, nonetheless. Post by Jeremias Maerki Another idea, but probably with little chance of success in this particular case: Try replacing Xerces with the version bundled with FOP, i. It’s really unlikely as you’re using Java 1.

Post by Jeremias Maerki You can also set the log level for. Post by Andreas Delmelle Not really as detailed as I had hoped, but I guess that would need some more fiddling with the logger options If I do that over here, the first lines immediately show which ImagePreloader implementations are registered. What version is it?


You may then want to notify the maintainers of your problem. Post by Andreas Delmelle Below some more info, which is probably only useful for devs ExternalGraphic. I mean, looking at ImageManager.

Post by Andreas Delmelle How do we distinguish between a preloader that is not suited for the file format and one that should be, but is unable to load the file? ImageIOPreloader is used for noo. Francesc Alted Georg Datterl Jeremias Maerki Andreas Delmelle Vincent Hennebert