View and Download Mitsubishi FR-A instruction manual online. TRANSISTORIZED INVERTER. FR-A Inverter pdf manual download. Parameters can be set with the parameter auto conversion function when renewing from the FR-A series or FR-A series (to be supported soon). Find great deals for MITSUBISHI FREQROL A Inverter Fr-ak 37kw Tcag Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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Thank you for choosing this Mitsubishi transistorized Inverter. This instruction manual gives handling information and precautions for use of this equipment. Incorrect handling might cause an unexpected fault. Before using the inverter, please read this manual carefully to use the equipment to its optimum.

Additional Instructions Also note the following points to prevent an accidental failure, injury, electric shock, etc. Do not stack the inverter boxes higher than the number recommended. Ensure that installation position and material can withstand the weight of the inverter.

When the breaker on the inverter primary side trips, check for the wiring fault short circuitdamage to internal parts of the inverter, etc. This manual is written for the FR-A series transistorized inverters.

FR Configurator2

For handling information feqrol the parameter unit FR-PU04plug-in options, stand-alone options, etc. Proper peripheral devices must be selected and correct connections made to ensure proper operation. Incorrect system configuration and connections can cause the inverter to operate improperly, its life to be reduced considerably, and in the worst case, the inverter to be damaged. Please handle the inverter properly in accordance with the information in each section as well as the precautions and instructions of this manual.

Lamp indication Power lamp Lights when power is supplied to the control circuit R1, S1. Fully make sure that the front cover has been reinstalled securely. Removal Reinstallation When reinstalling the operation panel, insert it straight and reinstall it securely.

Always read the instructions and other information before using Chapter 2 the equipment. The inverter uses plastic parts. Handle it gently to protect it from damage. Also, hold the unit feeqrol even strength and do not apply too much strength to the front cover alone.

U, V, W Inverter output Connect z500 three-phase squirrel-cage motor. Cut the protective bushes of the wiring cover when running the cables. This will cause the inverter to trip or the capacitor and surge suppressor to be damaged. If any of the above devices are installed, immediately remove them.

To keep the alarm signal, terminals R1 and S1 are available. Do not earth ground these terminals. Frewrol connecting the terminals SD and 5 and the terminals SE and 5. To change the control logic, the jumper connector on the back of the control circuit terminal block must be moved to the other position.


Terminal SD is common to the contact input signals. Terminal SE is common to the open collector output signals. Terminal PC is common rfeqrol the contact input signals. Cable conforming to EIA e. The maximum wiring length is 20m Example of product available on the market as of Apr. Incorrect connection will cause inverter damage or accident. Connect and operate the option unit carefully in accordance with the corresponding option unit manual.

MITSUBISHI FREQROL A Inverter Fr-ak 37kw Tcag51 | eBay

Incorrect connection will damage the inverter. When there is a commercial power supply-inverter switchover circuit as shown below, the inverter will be damaged by leakage current from the power supply due to arcs generated at the time of switchover or chattering caused by a sequence error. To improve the power factor, insert a power factor improving reactor on the inverter’s primary side or in the DC circuit.

Since their values depend on the static capacitances, carrier frequency, etc. Especially for a V class motor, the surge voltage may deteriorate the insulation. When the V class motor is driven by the inverter, consider the following measures. Appropriate peripheral devices must be selected according to the capacity. Refer to the following list and prepare appropriate peripheral devices: Refer to the FR-A catalog for details of Mitsubishi inverter dedicated filter.

Standard to comply with: Design an enclosure so that the ambient temperature, humidity and ambience of the inverter will satisfy the specifications. Note 3 This characteristic curve will be described protection even under operation of 6Hz or higher when you set the electronic overcurrent protection dedicated to the Mitsubishi constant-torque motor. For protection, electric circuits are normally housed inside an insulated case. However it is impossible to manufacture insulating materials that prevent all current from leaking across them, therefore it is the function of the earth safety earth to prevent electric shocks when touching the frrqrol.

Always read the instructions and other information before using the equipment. Prepare required instruments frdqrol parts according to the operation mode. Communication operation can be performed by connecting a personal computer and the PU connector with the RS communication cable. Installation check Make sure that the inverter is installed correctly in a proper location. Refer to page Make sure that the options and peripheral devices are selected and connected correctly.

The frequency freqqrol mode is displayed only in the PU operation mode. To change the Pr. If the operation mode cannot be changed, refer to a50 The calibration values are not initialized. Parameter values are not cleared by setting “1” Note Step Description Image The inverter is designed to perform simple variable-speed operation with the factory settings of the parameters. Set the Chapter 2 necessary parameters according to the load and operation specifications. Commercial power supply-inverter switchover sequence output 0, 1 terminal selection Freqrpl switchover interlock time 0 to Power failure stop selection 0, 1 Subtracted frequency at 0 to 20Hz 0.


Indicates the parameter settings which are ignored when the advanced magnetic flux vector control mode is selected. Can be set when Pr. The following list indicates purpose of use and corresponding parameters.

When using the Mitsubishi constant-torque motor, set Pr. When the advanced magnetic flux vector control mode has been selected using Pr. Then, set the rated motor current in Pr. Set the starting frequency at which the start signal is switched on.

Parameter Factory Setting Setting Range 0. When the MRS signal switches on, the inverter shuts off the output. Set “0” in Pr. Its setting should not be higher than the setting of the brake resistor used. Otherwise, the brake resistor can overheat. This parameter can be used to confirm that the running frequency has been reached or used as the operation start signal etc.

Set “9” in any of Pr. By setting “0” in Pr. Parameter Setting Description Number Frequency search made Frequency search is made after detection of an instantaneous power failure.

No frequency search Independently of the motor coasting speed, the output voltage is gradually increased with the frequency kept as preset. The frequency can be varied by RH acceleration and RM deceleration between 0 and the maximum frequency Pr. When the acceleration or deceleration signal switches on, the set frequency varies according to the slope set in Pr.

When more accurate control is required for your application, set the other parameters as appropriate. Also, this mode is only valid for frequency setting of I for intelligent mode accel. I for intelligent mode decel.

Effective for eliminating noise in the frequency setting circuit. Increase the filter time constant if steady operation cannot be performed due to noise. This function is used to prevent parameter values from being rewritten by accident. Parameter Factory Setting Range Used for a machine which runs only in one direction, e.

The setting of this function is valid for the PU, external and communication operations. When you have changed the conventional model FR-AE series for the FR-A series, advanced magnetic flux vector control is effective when motor speed does not match.

Set any of the following values in Pr. Set “” in Pr.