This manual contains information on how to use JIRA, the issue tracking and project Different organisations use JIRA to track different kinds of issues. In this blogpost you’ll find the comprehensive Jira guide for users. This Jira tutorial will cover The Manual for Jira Dashboards. What is a Jira. User Manual. One of the main goal of the plugin is having as little affect on your JIRA instance as possible. Some day if you decide to uninstall the plugin you.

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You can use multiple terms to narrow a search — for example, Issues either assigned to joebloggs or in a specified project could be searched for the following search: To create a Project go to Projects and select Create Project from the menu.

Pietro Schaff [Atlassian] May 05, Any thoughts on this? You can also attach a note with the message. Because of this, it can be useful to use filters to isolate the most important issues. Once you have configured the look and feel of an Issue Collector, embed the generated JavaScript in any website for feedback.

It is a large user story which can be broken down into a number of small stories. The assignee dictates the responsible party for any given issue and determines how the task would be executed Resolution: Check the instructions here – https: Next, type the usernames or email addresses of the individuals you want to share the issue with.

A powerful way to track changes across the system is to subscribe to a filter.

JIRA Agile Documentation – Atlassian Documentation

It may seem a little daunting at first, compared to products like Trello or Asana, it comes with a lot more power and functionality packed in. You can also select convert to sub-task under same tab to convert the parent issue into a sub-task.

To share filters, click on Find Filters on the search page. However, if there are several discrete steps to completing a task, then it may be useful to define them just like you would find several steps to completing a recipe.

Jira is often used by development teams. It allows you to measure the cycle time for issues, showing the mean time and actual time taken to complete issues. Permission Schemes allow you to create a set of permissions and apply this set of permission to any project.


Some important points to remember while creating Sub-Task You can have as many sub-task as needed under an Issue You cannot have a sub-task for a sub-task Once a sub-task is created under a parent, parent cannot be converted into a sub-task A sub-task can however be converted into a parent issue You can work on your sub-task without having navigating away from the parent issue WorkFlows A JIRA workflow is a set of statuses and transitions that an issue goes through during its lifecycle.

Start a discussion Great for ongoing dialogue with others in the community. To narrow down your search, you can refine the query by Project, Issue type, status and assignee. Learn more about AUGs. Was there anything I left out? Find the filter you want, then click the cog button and then edit. Backlog This is where team will plan sprints and estimate stories that will go into each sprint Workflow You can map columns to the statuses of your workflow.

Sub-Task Subtask issues are useful for splitting up a parent issue into a number of smaller tasks that can be assigned and tracked separately. Ranging from lowest to highest.

JIRA Tutorial: A Complete Guide for Beginners

You can set the priority manal the Issue, indicating how important it is. Also, you can view activity going on the issue, reviews on the issue, work log, history of the issue and so on.

Under the time tracking option, you can even see the estimation time to resolve the issues In the same window, you can set a filter for the issue and save them under Favorite Filtersso when you want to search or greenhopperr a particular issue you can locate it using the filter. It consists of a number of security levels which can have users or groups assigned to them. Likewise, you have resolutions and priorities, greenhoppee resolution it again tells about the progress of issue like Fixed, Won’t fix, Duplicate, Incomplete, Cannot reproduce, Done also you can set the priorities of the issue whether an issue is critical, major, minor, blocker and Trivial.

Jira offers a very dynamic toolset straight out of the box.

And it is actually far more intuitive than it might seem at first. It will create a sub-task under parent issues, and details will appear about when to complete the task on the issue type page as shown in the screenshot below.


Matt Doar [ServiceRocket] Jan 15, Scrum board gives various options through which you can make changes into your board appearance. It addresses issues more comprehensively and segregates the task into smaller chunks of task to do. Creating issue in Agile To create agile issue, go to manuxl menu under Agile tab, click on “Getting Started”when you click greennhopper it, it will ask to create new board greenhoppsr the issues for Scrum or Kanban.

I’m looking for any Greenhopper rest api documentation that tells me the available URI’s I can interface with to get data out of our system. The filters that you can use are date, component, priority, resolution and so on.

JIRA Tutorial: A Complete Guide for Beginners

You can also add labels to describe the Issue and attachments like screenshots or documentation. Check out the documentation for the latest version here: Various features you can configure using scrum are Columns, Swimlanes, Quick Filters, Card colors and so on. Once the issue in In Progress will be resolved, it will move to Done status and in the same way the issue in To do will move to the next stage In Progress.

You can also clone issues perhaps if an old task needs to be grenhopper ; if an Issue needs to be created and separately tracked on multiple Projects; or if there is a recurrent Issue that needs to be looked at again. Matt Torbin Feb 27, It will generate a Pie Chart representing the priorities and severity of the issues in percentage for the whole project as shown below.

By default, you will receive notifications about changes and comments on Issues that you have reported, that you have been assigned or that you are watching. Now, what did you think of this post?

Kanban board is useful for the team that managing and constraining their work in progress. Unfortunately there are no AUG chapters near you at the moment. Additional stages might include Reopened jobs sent back for revision and Closed jobs that no longer need to be done.