Hellstromism [Robert A. Nelson] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Would anyone agree that Hellstromism has material to overide banachek’s Hellstromism by Robert Nelson costs about $ and. : Hellstromism () by Robert A. Nelson and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible Books available now at great.

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Jun 12, Anyone will to take on a review of this?

Hellstromism by Robert A. Nelson

Any help would be appreciated Thanks. Jun 13, Jun 15, These two books helletromism help you if you are interested in impromptu muscle reading type effects: Hellstromism and Psychophysiological Thought Reading. Both are good books to read about muscle reading. The differences between the two books are the writing styles of the authors.

Robert Nelson was considered to be a Psychic author and Banachek is a Mentalist author. Two different points of view. Here is some more information about the books: Hellstromism by Robert Nelson The first s only comprehensive true explanation of the so-called miracle feats of the late Axel Hellstrom, who baffled many of the leading scientific and magical minds of the world.

This is a master manuscript, actually teaching the secret of divining the thoughts of other through mere physical contact… and without contact! ronert

This comes within the scope of genuine mind reading. The performer does it alone, no assistant, props or mental apparatus. Each step, basic and advanced, is completely revealed and described in non-technical language. You learn how to duplicate the feats of Hellstrom exactly as performed by this celebrated performer.


Included is hellstromjsm introduction or lecture. Burlingame Literally two books in one!

On one side of this page hardcover is a reprint of H. Burlingame’s paperback release How to Read People’s Minds which includes some history on muscle reading and how it works along with a fascinating section on training your dog to read minds! Then give the book a flip end over end and you have Robbert Psychophysiological Thought Reading. This section not only covers more details on the history of muscle reading, but also teaches updated effects using muscle reading as nelsin is performed today by performers such as Kreskin, Derren Brown, and of course, Banachek himself, among others.

These effects are used onstage and close-up in routined and impromptu performances.

Laminated hardcover, 6″ x 9″ pages with new illustrations by Earle Oakes “Psychophysiological Thought Reading is a must-have for anyone interested in learning contact-mind reading, and when combined with Burlingame, also a must-have for anyone interested in mentalism history.

It is the most complete treatment of ideomotor effects I have seen written for mentalists. Your choices in books are between: I mentioned this for a reason. I noticed that you are a Christian by your username and the Biblical scriptures that you use on your signature.


Some Christians may be offended by Psychics robeert Psychic authors, so these authors may not be a good choice for them. Robert Nelson writings may offend you, if you are a Christian, so I would recommend Psychophysiological Thought Reading by Banachek even though it costs more money.


Hope that this helps you with your decision. Jun 17, Hellstromism is a very old book and has been superceded by others which are better written and more detailed on muscle reading. I’ve not read Banacheck’s, which I assume will be good, but another good one to look out for is one by Satori which has an introduction by Max Maven. I think it was called “Making Contact” but cannot lay my hands on my copy. Whichever book you buy, be prepared to spend a great deal of time with it if you intend perfecting it.

God-glorified Special user Posts. Any help would be appreciated Thanks Ephes.

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