Henri Barbusse: Henri Barbusse, novelist, author of Le Feu (; Under Fire, journal d’une escouade, awarded the Prix Goncourt, is one of the few works to. Henri Barbusse, author of Le Feu (Under Fire), the prize-winning, including the Prix Goncourt, one of France’s top literary prizes, and became one of the most. For someone who wrote one of the greatest novels to come out of the First World literature around in the twentieth century, Henri Barbusse is surprisingly little.

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When war broke out in the summer ofBarbusse was 41 years old. Despite his age, he voluntarily enlisted in the French army and was sent into battle.

He quickly became disillusioned with the war effort and the French leadership, however. Le Feuwritten while Barbusse was still serving in the army he was injured several times in action and published inwas a portrait of the horrific carnage on the Western Front as well as the men who suffered through it, serving a cause in which many of them had lost faith. After Barbusse was formally discharged from the army inhe became a committed pacifist.

His novel Clarte Lightfocused on moral and political aspects of the war.

Henri Barbusse

He later began expressing a more specifically communist ideology. He supported the Russian Bolsheviks and traveled to the Soviet Union several times. At the time of his death inhe was working on a book about Josef Stalin.

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Henri Barbusse is born

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Henri Barbusse is born – HISTORY

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