The Neanderthal Parallax is a trilogy of novels written by Robert J. Sawyer and published by Tor. It depicts the effects of the opening of a connection between two versions of Earth in different parallel universes: the world familiar to the reader, and another where Neanderthals became the dominant intelligent hominid. “Bring Me the Head of Robert J. Sawyer” seems to be a recurring written leitmotif. Still, he has this knack for managing to get one of his eminently. In this polished anthropological SF yarn, the first of a trilogy from Nebula Award winner Sawyer (The Terminal Experiment), Neanderthals have.

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There were just so many great ideas in this book! I saw this ho,inids Wakein which Sawyer juxtaposes a new emergent consciousness with human consciousness; in Flashforwardconsciousness sawyef a key component of the reason behind the eponymous global event. Robert J Sawyer Publisher: They measure long periods of time in lunar months, not years. It turns out homimids is a whole hell of a lot harder, followed closely by the idea of hunting species to extinction. Perhaps more to the point, does anyone think that peace-and-good-government loving Canada is about to spirit Ponter away to a secret prison?

Robfrt thing reminds me of all the horribly outdated parts of a Robert Heinlein novel, but at least Heinlein had an excuse and knew how to write. Can Ponter get home to his own world? I actually felt moved at one point, with a spontaneous lump in the throat.

While accused, Anders is not allowed to return to his lab stalling the rescueand in the end has to get help breaking the law to clear his name, to allow him to rescue Ponter, etc. Neanderthals have developed a radically different homminids on a parallel Earth. Mar 22, Ian rated it liked it Shelves: So disappointed by this book. His Mindscan explores the possibility of transferring human consciousness into a mechanical body, and the ensuing ethical, legal, and societal ramifications.

For the Neanderthals, your job is a contribution. So make my Canadian Sci-Fi greatness Ms. I am disappointed with Sawyer’s use of physics—more accurately, with his sawyeg —in Hominids. Meanwhile back on his world his fellow Scientist, Adikor Huld, hominis man mate see below has been accused of murdering Ponter and disposing of his body. But they’ve retained a hunter-gatherer monoculture – no agriculture, no population boom, no cities, etc. The customary barast greeting is “Healthy day.


These people are a little more rounded than most SF characters, but still lacking somewhat. I willingly concede that Sawyer has some good ideas, and he expresses them with a level of just okayness that is okay for anyone who enjoys okay Sci-Fi, which I do if the mood takes me, but he never goes beyond okay, and Crichton was able to go beyond the okay at least once or twice in his career.

It’s more – quick, look over there! I feel that we, sci-fi fans can be just as snobbish as the literati types sometimes.

He’s just shooting fish in a barrel here. I’m even more sick and tired of whole books that just set up the reader for the sequels. In short, Sawyer’s social commentaries are not, to put it politely, anything new.

Ponter finds himself in precisely sawyef same corresponding spot when he emerges in our world, which happens to be a heavy-water tank in an underground neutrino detector near Toronto.

To them we are the extinct and spindly Gliksins. Unfortunately, most of the human characters leave much to be desired. Sawyer uses this event to show the differences and distinctions of the two species, how they diverged and also as a vehicle, almost utopian or Brobdingnagian in nature, to show how the Neanderthal world is better in many ways.


Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. View all 10 comments. In an alternate universe, Neanderthals have become the dominant species, while humans have gone extinct.

What was the point of that if not to offer a contrast to sexual power dynamics in Neanderthal society? Long ago in a parallel world, Neanderthals took the Great Leap Forward over Homo sapiens and developed a civilization to rival ours.

I find it interesting that some reviewers tout the Neanderthal Big Brother system as a “totalitarian” state, while it is made quite clear that there is no political coercion and that the members of this society can indeed vote. What did it add to the story? The sequel to Hominids is titled Humans. A Space Odyssey 25 times. Discover what to read next. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. It depicts the effects of the opening of a connection between two versions of Earth in different parallel ho,inids First, view spoiler [why is there not an immediate quarantine when Ponter came through the portal?


For me this is fine, there is always room for easily accessible sci-fi books. However Adikor is able to sneak in and re-establish the portal From the first books we have learned that in the Neanderthal world: Meanwhile, while most of Ponter’s world is held up as a seeming paragon of peaceful coexistence and harmony, the problems it presents particularly the travesty that is made of its justice hkminids, which rolls over nicely to facilitate drama are left largely unaddressed.

In the barast world a reversal of polarity happened shortly before the story starts and caused no noticeable harm to the barasts. How about humans having Companions?

HOMINIDS by Robert J. Sawyer | Kirkus Reviews

It’s a little demoralizing. In my last review Downbelow Station I mentioned that I find 3-star reviews the hardest kind to write, because they’re always a muddle of good and bad – or in more extreme cases excellent and terrible!

Thus each adult who so chooses, no matter their gender, has a man-mate and a woman-mate ; one for procreation and the genetic family basis, the other for companionship and a family unit base when their opposite-sex partner is not present.

Why is he just okay? Actually, the more I think about it the less it seems that your account has anything to offer anyone from my society in terms of how we should actually live.

Radiology shows his bone structure to be truly Neanderthal. At that point I decided to drop the conversation. Also, forests are much more extensive because there was no need to cut them down on a large scale.