The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch [J.J. Hurtak] on *FREE * shipping on qualifying offers. Brand new. I purchased a copy thinking that I. The book of knowledge: The keys of Enoch: a teaching given on seven levels in preparation for the brotherhood of light, to be delivered for the quickening of the. An Introduction to the Keys of Enoch [J. J. Hurtak] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This book contains twelve of the 64 Keys in The Book of.

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As a lawyer who has worked with Dr. Hurtak, the subject of a lengthy article on your websiteI have just read the above captioned piece by Carol S. Matthews and feel compelled to respond enocj behalf of Dr.

The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch: J.J. Hurtak: : Books

Matthews misconstrues the spirit and meaning of Dr. Hurtak s book The Book of Knowledge: Matthews focuses on Key within the larger text of Dr. Hurtak’s writing on science, psychology and religious philosophy.

What must be realized is that this key or chapter is clearly addressing the field of astrophysics and is not related to any one cultural syntax or reference point.

Verse 15 of Key expressly states that ” this key is directed to human astrophysics. Within the context of astrophysical models, Mecca is actually described by Dr. Hurtak as a sacred area showing the function–namely, beginning of end, of cosmogenesis of ‘universes’ plural. Hurtak, speaking from an astrophysics standpoint speaks specifically of the Black Cube as exemplifying the nature of condensed matter which in Islamic tradition is the ‘meteorite material’ placed in the Black Cube of Mecca.

Key is showing all stages of star birth, death and recreation. The Black Cube is not referenced as a negative nexus point but rather as a connector with dark matter and dark energy critical for the original and ongoing expansion of creation. The word ‘dark,’ relative to dark energy and dark matter, is not to be associated with dark or darkness in the biblical sense. Any meteorite material would be indicative of the transitory nature of our life in space just as the Alan Hills meteorite sample from Antartica AHL shows the dust and debris from our sister planet Mars that holds secrets for the understanding of evolution in our solar system.

Hurtak’s work has been one of promoting a synthesis and a cumulative understanding of all the great religions including Judaism, Christianity and Islam. This is evidenced throughout his work for interfaith dialog. If one reviewed the work on Dr. Hurtak’s website there is an area that deals with the most frequently asked questions. It has been crystal clear that his approach is one of harmonization of the religions of the Near East and the rest of the world.

On the website in the section entitled Questions and Answers in issues of religion he is asked: How is the message of the keys reflected regarding various religions such as Islam. Enoch known as Idris, is an important prophet in the Islamic culture and the higher message of Islam is reflected in several passages of The Keys. The Keys additionally speak of the Sufi teaching as part of the teachings of light especially in the context of The Keys as musical keys of knowledge for the soul.

Not only does Ms. Hurtak’s comments on Key but she also asserts that Dr. Hurtak has alleged CIA connections. These type of allegations are spreading untruth and is clearly beneath the level of any genuine scholarship which we hope that Baylor University and CESNUR would represent. In fact, this smacks of character assassination as in the McCarthy era when progressive thinkers were attacked as spies or agents.

No one who knows Dr. Hurtak would ever consider him connected with the CIA and the focus of the discussion if anything should remain in the area of astrophysics. Key simply does not represent a political agenda in contrast to what the author Matthews brings into the picture of a world of ‘haves’ verses ‘have nots’ masquerading as an elite group of people. Another picture in the Book of Knowledge entitled Plate 7 for Key shows a Mosque side by side an Ashram within a futuristic religious community showing a deep pluralism and unity of the Abrahamic religions with those also of the Eastern tradition.


Further on page there is a picture of the Shepherd of Arcturus connected with the key of astrophysics and cosmology. Some parts of the text are written in Arabic because the key acknowledges the great tradition of Islamic philosophers and astronomers who actually reshaped the renaissance of the West.

Thus, if one carefully reads the Book of Knowledge in a spirit of love non-dualistic one sees the collective nature of the ecumenical fellowship. More importantly, in Key we see children of the world of all different backgrounds.

One of the children has the Islamic symbol on his shoulder, another child the indigenous religious symbol, etc. The Keys, thus, carry and display a message of openness to all major religious traditions, including all people of the world who join hands on planet Earth. Let us not do that same thing years later and overlook the pluralistic pictures throughout the book depicting a higher lever of spiritual integration by self-realized people representing all branches of the human race.

The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch

I understand that in order to fully understand the use of Christ Race in the context of the modern world, some writers may have to rediscover the original meaning of the ecumenical side of religious life, where Christ is the anointed one and not that of a particular institution, and to rearticulate it to the people of our time.

In fact, when the KEYS address the people of the world it refers to all people. Hurtak speak of the limitation of singular sun systems, whereby the term ‘sons of darkness’ refers to a restrictive culture, which is restricted due to our singular stellar system.

The message of the Keys is that we will need to evolve beyond this solar system. There is no implication that the people of any one race, color or religion are condemned by virtue of their incarnation; as a matter of fact several plates in Hurtak’s book illustrate this.

One of the plates in The Book of Knowledge shows in Key an illustration of a divine family of God with the image of Christ with numerous other angelic faces of many cultures and backgrounds on page Further terminology of Ms. Matthews that Muslims guided by extraterrestrial forces from alpha Draconis are “vampirically infected by the resulting energies of degeneration, vengeance and anti-evolution” are also NOT to be found in Hurtak’s writing.

I believe the reader will find that the Keys instead throw light on how science and religion share common objectives for humanity. This understanding according to Hurtak is that we are all apart of one person Adam who emerges out of material reductionism. In short, The Book of Knowledge clearly acknowledges that the Black Cube of Mecca represents an astrophysical power point connected with the heavens in determining the axis mundi of the world.

The very way that Mecca is mentioned clearly reflects that it is an astrophysical mirror for heavenly events. One sees that the emphasis is bringing together the many disciplines of archaeology, astronomy, cosmology and the direct experience of the higher nature of ‘unity’ with all branches of the human race.

Hurtak has argued and presented to the Parliament of the World’s Religions at its meeting in Barcelona, Spain July and its previous meeting in Capetown, South Africathat we must all have respect for all religions and faiths. At the Barcelona conference, his students presented an architectural model with the symbols of the three religions of Abraham with the hope of building a shrine of peace on the Golan Heights as a central focus of brotherhood.

Hermon in the Golan is the place where the angels of the Most High God were said to come down to earth. Hurtak has argued before world wide audiences for compassion, brotherhood and unity and the need to build a shrine to all three religions, the religions of Abraham, in this sacred location.

I do not regard this letter so much as a rebuttal as a reminder to Mr. Traitz concerning the nature and limits of academic discourse. One sees this in the interpretation of religious texts all the time.

Yet, abolitionists were able to pull out of these texts what they needed to provide a fully religious interpretation of their political position. A full 30 years have passed since Dr. Irregardless of whether Dr. I note that Mr.

Hurtam does not challenge my historical understanding of context, nor the apparent conflation of events that Hurtak apparently committed, purposefully or not in his commentary. Further in the commentary of Hurtal page 86 Hurtak says: The Black Cube is symbolic of all the anti-matter which passes through our planetary system of creation.


The righteous must clearly see the spiritual dialectic taking place between those who choose the Pyramid of Light as the touchstone for evolution in the higher spiral of Light as opposed to those who choose the Black Cube which contains the codes for containment of the flesh, retrogressive evolution with three-dimensional form, and the annihilation of the hope for spiritual liberation.

JJ Hurtak and The Keys of Enoch – International Skeptics Forum

These codes were placed in the Black Cube as a witness to the fallen teachings that were removed from the Garden of Eden at the time of the spiritual fall. My summarized interpretation, which Mr. Within the context of understanding collapsing geometries utilizing a black hole metaphor: In addition, those who are in three-dimensional slavery by being victims of earlier electromagnetic changes and racial code structures will be graduated from the image of the Dragon, the devouring seed, if they are infused with the Living Light of the Christ.

What these various texts demonstrate, if taken together, is indeed, a highly specialized language, wherein, as I suggest in my paper, symbols map upon symbols, creating a highly dense, layered effect.

The overall impact of the visual symbolic images contained in Dr. In the same fashion that solitary stars can collapse and crush themselves, devouring the surrounding light of other luminaries, so, Muslims who circumambulate the Black Cube of Mecca, can be seen as spinning themselves into a similar crushing darkness.

I am merely reporting the matter as it seems to be. This can be read, without difficulty, as an implicit condemnation of all Muslims who would consider the Kaaba to be sacred.

Such informed interpretations are the prerogative and substance of academic scholarship, as Dr. Hurtak well knows, having written two dissertations himself, neither of them, incidentally, in the field of astrophysics. It happens that my particular academic specialty involves locating constructions of race and biology in sectarian American religious texts, especially those that claim to be revelation.

Still, these elect will belong to an advanced vanguard of humanity. Plate 7 for Keyupon close examination, could represent a Mosque with an Ashram, but both are contained within a Pyramid, which I assume, given the text, represents the Pyramid of Light enclosing Hindu and Muslim shrines: This is why we are told in this key Key that fallen language patterns exalt not creation, but in actuality, create three-dimensional chemical enslavement within fixed magnetic fields.

The illustration itself is of a compound constellation that has had several names, including Corvis and the Hydra and the Crow. The Arabic title The Serpent lit. The bird is a crow, despite its appearance, the Arabic is quite specificand the Greek mythological story that underlies this constellation, even with variations, seems to indicate that the Crow is the real villain in this story and is being punished by Apollo.

The serpent is protecting the contents of the cup from the Crow, who according to these myths, once had plumage like a dove, but was rendered black for his insolence.

Knowing rnoch story puts a whole different light on Dr. Traitz contends that Key and Key indicate that Muslims are to be included in the children of light.

The question here is not whether Muslims can be included in the Adamic program of Light, it is why features of Islamic heritage rnoch holiness i. This line of reasoning appears to be enocu to the pattern of molecular organization described by Buckminster Fuller, whose theories I describe in my paper.

The difference is that Mr. Fuller was describing stages of molecular complexity, not human religious practices. It goes without saying that assuming a woman is Islamic because she is veiled is a gross, very Western, and probably very American, assumption about Islamic women in general. When I initially saw the illustration, I assumed that Hurtak was making an occult allusion to the veiled nature of the Feminine Divine, not any particular religious or cultural type of woman.

Hurtak given the relative paucity of biographical information about hurtwk man. It is interesting to me that Mr.

Traitz seems to think that I am attempting to impugn Dr.