Excelling at Chess has 40 ratings and 4 reviews. Alberto said: A fun read, but not much here that will actually help you excel at chess. The other books. Sep 24, Jacob Aagaard’s “Excelling” series. LastImpression. Sep 20, #1. Does anyone here have an opinion of the aagaard series? I believe there are 6 books in. Excelling at Chess by Jacob Aagaard. Excelling at Chess Jacob Aagard; pages; Everyman Chess, I can’t recall an example, although I imagine that .

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He warns that sometimes you have to force yourself to calculate sometimes to the point of checking out every legal move in a position.

Excelling at Chess by Jacob Aagaard

For all of the analysis in Dynamic Decision Making in Chessand for all of the exquisitely careful explanation of decisions and thought processes, there is nothing to my eye that explains how Gelfand senses dynamism in a position.

Rather, I contend that adhering to some principle about not moving such pawns can limit one’s play. Gabriele Di pietro rated it it was ok Oct 05, I definitely think it is worth reading… Also, if you go to our blog, you aafaard find some videos I made together with Boris at the end of July this year.

If it is not, please think about how you can aagaare it more fun.

He compared vhess differences between amateur and professional thinking in Inside the Chess Mind. The whole idea is absurd. I have no example in my book that is remotely related to a mating attack, for obvious reasons.

Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go. I just wonder whether you have plans to have 2nd or 3rd editions for your other GM Prep books.


So, he claims that the most important thing is not so much how many moves ahead you can see, but to first check out what possibilities there might be. Sep 20, 3. But essentially Jacoh made it to GM without having great preparation. He is right but this does only underline the validity of the rule.

All of our tools must be brought to bear on these positions, but ultimately, we have to guess here too. I find this a characteristic of modern play and adduce reasons for it. I’m around and am fascinated with cbess topics these books present but I am just not sure I would be able to fully appreciate them, any thoughts?

Don’t ask for advice about games in progress. QC Puzzle book already done. Amazon price will vary. One of the key challenges we face as chess book buyers is knowing how new releases fit into the bigger picture of the resources available, and which ones will benefit us most at our stage of development.

Dec 1, I personally prefer a degree of “leavening” of the chessic dough, otherwise I get tired quickly.

In the first eight chapters there are about 80 positions or games and the reader is reminded about making assumptions and examples of desperadosvision, comparison, elimination and prophylaxis prove the point.

And yet such play by White in a somewhat less extreme form, to be sure is not so unusual today. Chatur rated it it was amazing Oct 28, Everyone who works with these books seriously have made big progress; including in India.

Finally, it’s not that logic has become less relevant, as Aagard seems to jwcob the phrase excflling independence’ implies.

Now Quality Chess, the upstart publishing house founded by Jacob Aagaard fxcelling John Shaw, has stepped to fill this need with two series of books. Martin Dixon Have you tried using the method of the three questions? Endgame Play is, at root, a collection of endgame positions along with their solutions. The appendix on nutrition, however, seems out of place, and I do not see jacbo need for Aagaard to once again dredge up his decade-old debate with John Watson.


Maybe the differential factor is that you divide your work into a lot more chapters than Dvoretsky, hence the steep wall you find at the end of the chapter is not that frustrating in your case. I hope that all these worthy advices will be covered in GM Prep — Out of the box. I admit up front that this is not really a review in the traditional sense, but an excuse to indulge myself by discussing some favorite topics.

Posted by Tartajubow at 5: Refresh and try again.

Jacob Aagaard’s “Excelling” series

Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. His practical strength was not equal to his theoretical knowledge, and so he lost a game that was completely drawn. In general, I prefer to receive them on the blog, so my answers can be seen by anyone who is interested, so they can work out for themselves which direction is right for them.

Of all of these books, Calculation and Positional Play are the most important to really understand well. Luckily for me, there was an alternative, and I found the much superior Endgame Play contains positions ideally suited to this task.

My book examines how strong players have adopted a more realistic, creative, attitude towards the game, sometimes instantiated in ways that would have shocked their predecessors.