2 Uti possidetis është një parim i së drejtës ndërkombëtare i . futen edhe konfliktet për shpërbërjen e Jugosllavisë, pavarësinë e Timorit. KONFLIKTET NDERKOMBETARE EBOOK Konfliktet Nderkombetare Punim Seminarik – In this site is not the same as a solution If you dependence a Konfliktet. Kombeve të Bashkuara, në debatin e hapur të Këshillit të Sigurimit “Mbajtja e paqes dhe sigurisë ndërkombëtare: Konfliktet në Europë”.

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President, At the outset, I would like to thank the delegation of Ukraine for choosing such an interesting and important topic for the second open debate of their presidency.

President, I will focus my intervention on issues of stability and security in my region, South East Europe. Albania has continuously strived to facilitate peace, reconciliation and cooperation nderombetare our part of the world.


All the Western Balkan countries are now involved, albeit in different stages, in the process of European and Euro Atlantic integration, and are actively cooperating with each other. Dialogue has substituted conflict, even when we disagree.


Nonetheless, although the progress achieved is immense, it remains fragile and can be konflikktet at risk, as some irresponsible and provocative actions have demonstrated lately, if the unfinished business in the Western Balkans is not properly addressed. Mr, President, The EU facilitated dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia needs to accelerate and lead to the normalization of relations between the two countries.

It needs to be concluded with mutual recognition and full membership of Kosovo in the United Nations. European integration is the common denominator in the region and the most effective driving force for peace and cooperation. As a key stabilizing factor in the region, European Union has a major, irreplaceable role to play, as a mediator and a peace-builder.

In this context, European Union needs to step up its engagement in the Balkans and lead us towards our final and natural destination: Any alternative visions are as perilous for the security of our region as they are for the EU.

Failure to achieve Nderjombetare integration risks fueling nationalist politics and ethnic or religious divisions. In other words, the Balkans need Europe as much as Europe needs the Balkans. There are still many challenges in our region, and we must all work together to stay the Euro Atlantic course. We should be building bridges, not erecting walls.



Albania has always actively contributed to strengthen regional cooperation, based on the principles of good-neighborliness and all-inclusiveness. President, The United Nations should shore up the role of the EU in our region, and also deepen the strategic dialogue with regional organizations, notably NATO and the OSCE, in order to forge common approaches and provide collective responses to protracted conflicts.

A stronger global-regional partnership is needed to ensure that the Security Council can rely upon a more resilient and diversified network of actors, in order to efficiently prevent and resolve conflicts. Human security can be achieved by instilling hope for a better common future.

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