Tupi (formerly KTooN) is a software application for the design and creation of 2D Development and community help, Tupi Tutorial on YouTube is available on. TupiTube (formerly Tupi) is a 2D animation software focus on children, teenagers and amateurs Ktoon sets the foundations to seek the first investments in the project, where entities such as Colciencias, the Sena and others push the initiative.

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Tupi formerly KTooN is a software application for the design and creation of 2D animation.

This tool, inspired by and for animators, is being developed by an open community. One of the main objectives of this project from the beginning has been to provide an easy user experience, starting at the design of the GUI which allows the creation of simple animations in only 5 steps.

KToon: Simple 2D animation

Tupi has many features as an animation software which can be explored to make simple and complex animations. We’ve explained tools provided in tupi which users can explore. Users can use various tools available on the left panel to draw, also they can use import tab on the top panel to import any svg or bit map files.


Step 2 – After the application window opens, go to file and click on new project and it will ask you to select the presets for project, click OK.

Initially to create the animation there will be frames in the tupi each frame consists of separate drawings in it.

TupiTube Free Animation Tools for Beginners | MaeFloresta Startup

The above image it shows how we can use frame idea to get animation. In second frame we will be having transparent frame type so we can keep frame1 as reference and draw the 2nd frame to make slight changes in it. Once all the frames are done we have to click on player button there we can select the speed of the frames.

After users have finished creating animations of their choice, they can save it as a project which will save the entire project as. Users can also export the project into images or video formats.


We can export this into many formats and save it in our local system. From Open Educational Resources.

TupiTube – Wikipedia

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ktkon Did not find what you are looking for? Rakesh B made an edit on 19 SeptemberYou can use this tool to create short 2D animations, modify image sequencing as per your academic requirements. You can mix multiple visual formats such as images, graphics together to create educational resources.

It will help teachers and students to teach and learn things easily. It is free and open source cross-platform audio editor.

Synfig An industry quality software designed for 2D animations Blender 3D design and animation tool.