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A vidaa research involving teenage students from 10 to 19 years old. To research investigated their personal characteristics, anthropometrics measures, glucose, triglycerides and cholesterol HDL. The SM prevalence was 9.

Historias que inspiran

The prevalence among each SM component was: It was observed that those with a family history of diabetes type 2 only experienced a vidz effect. The SM prevalence in teenagers from AMM is high it was an alarming situation if it continues into adulthood.

The existence of resliiencia in relatives of the first and second grade, altogether with teenager IMC are important prediction factors of SM. Allergic reactions to insect bites are a global problem, the true incidence and prevalence of morbidity from adverse reactions to mosquito bites are unknown.

To describe the adverse reactions to mosquito bites in school-age children of MonterreyNuevo Leon. A cross-sectional descriptive study was made via a randomized application of questionnaires to children from public elementary schools in the metropolitan area of MonterreyNuevo Leon.

A total of 11 public schools randomly selected were included in the study. Adverse reactions to mosquito bites occur frequently.

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Early detection is important to establish a prompt treatment. The purpose of this study was to assess the levels of polybrominated diphenyl ethers PBDEspolychlorinated biphenyls PCBsdichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane DDTdichlorodiphenyldichloroethane DDEand four heavy metals arsenic, cadmium, and lead in outdoor surface soils 50 samples collected from the metropolitan area of Monterrey in Mexico.

Total PBDEs levels ranged from 1. For PCBs, the mean total level in the studied soils was The mean levels for arsenic, cadmium, and lead in soil were 5.

Our study has several limitations, the most notable of which is the small sample of soils evaluated. However, this screening study provided concentration data for the occurrence of POPs and four heavy metals in soil from the metropolitan area of MonterreyNuevo LeonMexico, and taking into consideration that soil is an important pathway of exposure for people, a biomonitoring program for the surveillance of the general population in the metropolitan area of MonterreyNuevo Leon is deemed necessary.

Geo-social and health disparities among persons with disabilities living in MonterreyNuevo Leon and Dallas, Texas. In low and high income countries alike, disability exacerbates social, economic, and health disparities, in spite of their differences. This study seeks to identify factors that predict the circumstances people with disabilities face, including poverty.

A cross-sectional study design was employed using census track level data for the cities of MonterreyNuevo Leonand Dallas, Texas, from Mexico and USA census data collections. Two methods, spatial autocorrelation and geographically weighted regression were used to identify spatial patterns of disability and to explore the relation between disability and context-specific socio-demographic factors.

Results indicated that people with disabilities living below the poverty line experience high segregation levels in the semi-central zones of Dallas.

In Monterreypeople with disabilities clustered in central areas of the city. The divergent and sometimes conflicting trends in practices and policies addressing disability in low and high income environments renders a reexamination of the framework of disability. An understanding of local characteristics joins a grounded socio-cultural understanding of the various contexts that shape location-based social networks and political decisions in providing such an analysis.

The concentration of pollen grains in the atmosphere over the metropolitan area of MonterreyNuevo LeonMexico, was analyzed throughout a year from March Februaryfocused on the genus Carya, Celtis, Cupressus, Fraxinus and Pinus owing to their interest as etiological pollinosis agents in diverse regions of the world.

A 7-day Hirst type volumetric spore and pollen trap was located on a building roof of the city at 15 m from ground level for continuous sampling. Celtis, Pinus and Carya contributed with 5. These results indicate that Fraxinus and Cupressus are present in the area in sufficient quantity to indicate likely involvement in the origin of allergic disorders in the human population.


The STR loci included into new commercial human identification kits compels geneticists estimating forensic parameters for interpretation purposes in forensic casework.

Physical activity and inactivity during leisure time in the adult population of Monterrey Nuevo LeonMexico. Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. Full Text Available The main aim of this study is to examine the behaviours during physical activity according with genre, age, and the level of education of the inhabitants of the municipality of Monterrey Mexico.

A transversal study is presented. Male, between 15 and 29 years old, and those with university education are those that presented higher percentages in the active behaviour.

On the other hand, women, in the group of 45 to 59 years old, and those with high school completed are those that presented the highest rates of abandonment. Finally, women, in the group of 60 years old and older, and those subjects without education, or with elementary education, are those that to a greater extent never had performed physical-sport activity. These results can serve as a base for the designing of strategies that promote the adherence to exercise taking into consideration its own characteristics.

The humble in a context of “greatness”: The area is a part of what would become the center of Monterreywhose physical and conceptual boundaries are still undefined. After a harsh period of degradation in the quarter, especially profound in the context of organized crime and its resulting violence in recent years, the Municipal Institute for Planning and Coexistence of Monterrey IMPLANC has undertaken the task of regenerating the area.

The aim of this lecture is to reveal the difficulties faced by the previously mentioned regeneration, starting with the “inferiority complex” that stirs up among the Monterrey population —traditionally-identified with the official discourse of “greatness”— due to the humility of both the architecture and the vernacular northeastern atmosphere of the quarter, especially when comparisons are made with national historic centers which are World Heritage Sites.

Estructura del proceso de decision de compra en los jovenes universitarios en equipos de telefonia celular: Full Text Available Influences among college students such as social situational frame, marketing efforts and purchase decision process of cellular phones is the main objectives in this research, which is oriented to analyze the preferences and attitude in shown in the purchase of cellular telephones. The research project was developed among college students from nine universities in the Metropolitan Area of Monterrey AMM.

A questionnaire was used to obtain information about previous allergic reactions to mosquito bites. There was no statistically significance association between allergic diseases and mosquito allergy. However mosquito allergy is low. Further studies are required to determine the prevalence of mosquito allergy in the general population. Heart failure constantly increases its incidence and prevalence in our society, it was imperative to start a heart transplant program to improve the survival rates of patients with end stages of the disease.

Legal issues made impossible to transplant patients out of Mexico City until recent years. Even with an acute hemodynamic and clinic improvement after the transplant, these patients frequently develop complications such as graft rejection or opportunistic infections due to the immunosuppressive schemes increasing the morbidity and mortality of the procedure.

In the present article we report the experience acquired with 65 heart transplant patients from 4 transplant programs in MonterreyNuevo Leonone of them from the socialized system and the other three from private hospitals. Our program not only has successfully transplanted patients with advanced age but, for the first time in Latin America we have transplanted patients assisted with the ambulatory Thoratec TLC II system. Even that we have faced obstacles like a newly started donation culture in our population and limited resources, our patient’s survival rate push us to continue working with these very ill population.

In spite of the large area 1, Based on 95 interviews with inhabitants of the region who were 35 years old or older, we recorded ethnobotanical data of species comprising genera and 69 botanical familiesand different uses.


Most of the cited uses 98 were found to be medicinal ones. Ninety five inhabitants 35 years old and oldest were interviewed to know what are the main plant uses in the Cumbres de Monterrey National Park. Two hundred and forty species, genera, and 69 families of useful plants and different uses were recorded.

We found most of the uses to be medicinal 98while the rest 48 represent various purposes. Herbaceous plants are the most used, followed by shrubs and trees. Nuevo LeonMexico. The purpose was to guide nursing practice, incorporate the findings into the body of nursing knowledge, and identify future research needs.

Starting inthree faculty members reviewed 29 theses written by community nursing majors from to to meet the requirements for the master’s degree in nursing.

They classified the studies according to their principal focus and synthesized the findings to derive common phenomena and themes. The endeavor resulted in a page document and a proposed model in the form of an unpublished monograph. Nucleotide sequencing and phylogenetic analysis of the premembrane and envelope genes showed that the virus was most closely related to West Nile virus isolates collected in Texas in Nuevo Leon during the Independence of Texas, The study of the separation of Texas, widely reviewed in Mexican historiography, is enriched through the viewpoint of one of the most affected states.

The reported prevalence of allergic systemic reactions to hymenoptera venom occur in up to 3. To investigate the prevalence of hymenoptera sting allergy in a group of veterinary medicine students from MonterreyNuevo LeonMexico.

A transverse and observational study was done with 64 students of veterinary medicine. We conducted a questionnaire about the students’ history of insect allergy and atopy.

Skin test with allergenic extracts of bee and ant were practiced to all subjects. We performed aeroallergen skin prick test to the subjets arre suspected atopy. Students age ranged from 17 to 25 years mean On the other hand, 5 students 7.

Bee arts ant skin tests were positive in There was no difference in the prevalence of hymenoptera allergy between atopic and non atopic subjects p Binational Teacher Development: The report describes the rationale for and history of an exchange program for Nuevo Leon Mexico and New Mexico bilingual education teachers.

The program evolved from the need to help Spanish-speaking students maintain their own language and culture while in the United States. New Mexico’s state policy concerning language-minority children and…. Se estimaron proporciones resurgirr muestras positivas de Ae. Hubo 1 muestras positivas para larvas de Ae.

To determine the distribution of Aedes albopictus Skuse in Nuevo Leon between and Standardized methods were used to collect samples of mosquito’s larvae from sites. The proportions of samples positive for Ae. There were 1 samples positive for Ae.

This species was distributed over 10 municipalities, as follows: Five on the Gulf of Mexico Coastal Plains, which predominantly have a semi-warm, sub-humid climate, and precipitations almost year round Allende, Montemorelos, Linares, Al Teran, and Santiago; two Sabinas Hidalgo, and Cadereyta localized on the Rfsiliencia American Great Plains, which vidx a warm, semiarid climate, and scarce precipitations. The final three were Apodaca. It establishes certain family SMEs, exporting and non-exporting, characteristics to take into consideration by Nuevo Leon leaders that seek success under the determinant of profits.

It also locates qualities, from our stand point, classic and contemporaries, re A distributed hydrologic model can help bring consensus among diverse stakeholders in regional flood planning by producing quantifiable sets of alternative futures. This value is acute in areas with high uncertainties in hydrologic conditions and sparse observations.