El caso de “Las hortensias” es un poco diferente. En este texto, Hernández une algunos de estos procedimiento típicos de su escritura con uno de los temas. Conversión para Kindle de la obra de Felisberto Hernandez. Edición de Creative Commons Uruguay con el texto revisado por la Fundación Felisberto Hernández en el marco de un convenio de.

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Love the author photo! The whole thing sounds like a film.

Is there one, I wonder? I’ve been wanting to use that photo for months, but I kept putting off writing about Felisberto’s great short story “The Balcony” for some reason. Anyway, there should be a movie adaptation of Las Hortensias ; however, I’d settle for a so-so documentary about its author.

Would be sure to be a winner! Oh, well, thank you for not bringing up Magic Mike again! Some of the Twilight Zone episodes! As for Magic Mike, I tried watching it, but lax about 40 seconds.

Jill, I’m proud of you hortensisa not having watched more of Magic Mike than you did. Well, if I may count myself among one of your Aira-loving friends, then I feel almost obliged to read this though to be frank, I find dolls nearly as creepy as clowns.


Las Hortensias : Felisberto Hernández : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

The Three Degrees blog last week posted a plea for help in finding writers from – well, from Latin American countries that weren’t Argentina. So here’s one for them, at least. Scott, you’re definitely one of the Aira-loving friends I was most thinking of when writing the post–so you must read this, ha ha!

Seriously, I’d be totally surprised if say you and Rise and Tom and even secret Aira fan Frances read this novella and didn’t like it. It’s quite amazing in my opinion, although I can’t speak for what might be lost in translation presumably Harss did a nice job translating it.

Surprisingly enough, there’s a fair amount of Felisberto material in English unlike fepisberto Sergio Pitol or Alfonso Reyes. I will track it down.

The Three Degrees was that ’60’s Philly vocal trio who sang the unforgettable “Maybe. Scott, you’re going to enjoy Hodtensias Daisy Dolls once you get to it. But don’t take my word for it, just ask Rise! As far as the Three Degrees, that spoken word intro at the beginning of “Maybe” could have almost been spoken by one of Horacio’s “love interests” in the novella. At least I discovered him thanks to the author of Invisible Cities.


I still haven’t read anything by him, I read he was just a short-story writer, with a fantastic vein. This sounds felisbeeto interesting. Miguel, you’re another person I can’t imagine not liking this tale. In fact, I suspect it would be right up your storytelling alley. Felisberto did specialize in short feisberto “The Balcony” being one of my favorites by himbut he also wrote a handful of novellas that I hope to dive into next month.

Calvino, who was also an admirer of Silvina Ocampo, wrote the introduction to Piano Storiesby the henrandez I haven’t read that intro but will sometime soon.

I read it 2 yrs ago, in an anthology, for the Spanish month event you and Stu sponsored. A quirky tale enough to produce good feeling about Felisberto. I, um, told you would like this! Have you read Felisberto’s short story “The Balcony”? That’s another really good one–especially in its approach to the fantastic–but I sense this novella will be almost impossible to beat for me in gelisberto of how action-packed the story was.

I added a link to your Spanish Lit Month review below so others can see hsrnandez you thought about The Daisy Dolls I’m glad you reminded me about that because felisbetro was such a pleasure to revisit that post and the comments it generated–thanks. I have only read ‘The Daisy Dolls’, but hope to see copies of the two story collections from New Directions. I want in felisbeerto the Felisberto cult. You have to be the perfect man to head up the Phillipines’ branch of the Felisberto cult!

It’s certainly worth looking for, but the new New Directions reprint of Felisberto’s Piano Stories should make things easier if you can’t find or read a version in Spanish. I have, like, one semester of Spanish classes in my past. New Directions, here I come.

New Directions also put out Lands of Memorytranslated by Esther Allen, which pairs two novellas and four short stories.

I like the little I’ve read from that collection as well, but The Daisy Dolls is where you hfrnandez to start.

I’ll look for it. Thank you for pointing me in hortensisa amazingly weird direction! This news coincides with the admission of Facundo, the manufacturer of the famous dolls, into the said store’s commercial concern. We are alarmed to see how this new falsification of the original sin–which we already have spoken about in other editions–is making new inroads into our world.


I have here one of the advertising flyers, discovered by chance in one of our major clubs: With a Hortensia, you will enjoy a silent love without quarrels, without worrisome expenses, without midwives. Illustration from the first standalone edition of Las Hortensias: El cuenco de plata, Rise of the great in lieu of a field guide just reminded me that he actually wrote about Harss’ translation of The Daisy Dolls in herandez post on the Masterworks hsrnandez Latin American Short Fiction: Eight Novellas anthology Harper Collins, almost two years ago.

Click on the link for a particularly juicy post from Rise and a mouthwatering discussion of what other titles people think deserve to be added to the list.

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