Leer “Nada – Janne Teller. – I” #wattpad #novela-juvenil. Download Books by Janne. Teller. This modern-day. Lord of the Flies is a haunting existential novel, GMT Libro Nada de Janne. Teller PDF. Entrevista: Janne Teller, “Nada” de Seix Barral El presentador del programa, Un magazín divulgativo de La 2 sobre el mundo de los libros.

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Preview — Nada by Janne Teller. Nada by Janne Teller.

Se sube a un ciruelo y declama a gritos librro razones por las que nada importa en la vida. Pero entonces puede ser demasiado tarde. Published by Seix Barral first published December Batchelder Award NomineeMichael L.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign nadx. To ask other readers questions about Nadaplease sign up. I feel stupid silly not understanding the ending of the book, in fact all of the book. Does anyone know what the meaning is? I’m so confused, any clarification would be greatly llibro.

Chris Mayes This answer contains spoilers… view spoiler [ Frame the question this way: Why should anyone keep on living? Why not kill yourself and escape all the problems in life? You might say “well because …more Frame the question this way: You might say “well because death is unpleasant,” but if the only thing nice to say about life is that it beats dying, that doesn’t say anything very nice about life!

So, jamne search for “meaning” is a search for a reason to keep on living. Perhaps your beloved pet gets you out of bed in nadz morning, or maybe it’s your hope of eventually finding a loving spouse and a happy family, or perhaps then again you think you ought to keep living because God demands that.

Janne Teller

These are all “meanings” for life. Ok, now apply that to the book. A young man Pierre Anthon decides that there is no “meaning”; we should just give up on life and sit around waiting for death. His classmates, in response, come up with all their reasons for living–all the things that make their lives valuable.

The joke at the end, however, is that they were willing to give those things up just to impress Pierre Anthon and the rest of the world. And if they’re willing to give them up just for some money and temporary approval from people they liibro know, it telker really be that meaningful, right?

So, the jxnne kill Pierre Anthon–and, I would argue, they also attack the very idea of trying to “prove” meaning to other people. Lobro, the author seems to argue, not to “mess with” the meaning, to keep it private and close to your heart.


Expose it too much to social games, and you’ll end up selling your soul. How ilbro you describe this book in few sentence? Monica Andrade Strong, unforgiving, sad, mean, cruel, and incomplete. A warning without true answers. See all 4 questions about Nada…. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. View all 50 comments. And then you’ll find out that fame and the big wide world are outside of you, and that inside there’s nothing, and always will be, no matter what you do.

It’s one of those books that had enough glowing reviews and literary jannne to make me almost certain I would like it. Not only that, b “You’ll livro out you’re a clown in a trivial circus where everyone tries to convince each other how vital it is to have a certain look one year and another the next.

Not only that, but it is about the subject of existential nihilism – which, frankly, fascinates me and has for a long time. I’m rather inclined to believe the world is meaningless; or at the very least has a certain abstract meaning that is defined by individual perspective and experience.

So, really, Nothing had me at the premise. But it just didn’t deliver for me. I can see some of the attraction – it’s a complex book kanne once again proves Te,ler doesn’t have to be shallow or lacking in “literary value”. It demands that you step outside of your normal mode of thinking and ask yourself questions: Can meaning be found anywhere?

If nothing matters, is it better to just do nothing? It all starts when Telller Anthon stands up in the classroom one day and declares “Nothing matters. I have known that for a long time. So nothing is worth doing. I just realized that. His classmates grow increasingly uncomfortable with what Pierre says, so they decide to gather a “heap of meaning” – a pile of what is most precious to them, in order to prove that certain things do have value.

As they are required to give up more and more of what is important to them, soon they start to turn on one another and the sacrifices become ever more extreme. It is this part of the book that I personally found most effective: Despite the simplistic sentence structure a possible side effect of the translationthis is a very mature piece of YA that contains many disturbing scenes.

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What I didn’t like began with the short, choppy sentences and continued to grow worse with the complete lack of realism in the story. Nothing feels more like a philosophical essay than a novel.

I never developed a connection with any of the characters, nor any sympathy for them – not even the narrator. And there was no way I could believe that these young teens were allowed to run about digging up graves and stealing from science labs over the space of several months without some adult questioning what the hell was going on. I understand that this novel is primarily intended to provoke philosophical thinking, but I believe it would have been far more effective if we were allowed to warm to someone in the novel and develop an emotional connection with them – something I personally feel was lacking.


And there was another thing I didn’t like. I don’t want to give away any spoilers, but certain characters equated female virginity and innocence with the self.

Nada by Janne Teller

And maybe we should call it irony or something, but this whole book felt a little pointless. In the end, it seems I took nothing from it. At first I actually wondered if that was the whole point – serves you right, Emily, for spending a couple of quid on Nothing! It would’ve been quite cool – if somewhat infuriating – if the book had delivered its promise and carried no message because there is no message because everything is meaningless View all 12 comments.

Recomendado, pero solo para pasar el rato. View all 11 comments. View all 13 comments. Burn one and keep the ashes in a matchbox on your desk. You’ll want the second to reread. A fearlessly written novel. Every time I turned the page, I thought–is the author really going to go there?

And then she did. I’m adding it to jada list of all-time naa books. Not because I liked it–I’m still not sure whether I did. It’s inherently an unlikeable novel, populated by vicious and unsympathetic children.

But it made me think. View all 5 comments. Most of the time I was dying for this twisted book to end, and the other parts were when I was eerily fascinated by the utter creepiness that was going on in the last half of the book Nothing is about a group of 7th grade kids, trying to prove that there is meaning in life.

One of their ex-classmates has challenged this view, and they’re desperate to jannne him wrong. As the story goes on, each in turn forces another to give up “something” that means a lot to jane. As this Most of the time I was dying jannne this twisted book to end, and the other parts were when I was eerily fascinated by the utter creepiness that was going on in the last half of the book As this novel continues, the objects become a lot more sinister.

Honestly, I was creeped out by this. Not a good creeped out, but the creeped out that while reading, I kept thinking “This is awful. Make it stop, make it stop Like I mentioned before, eerily fascinating. The first part that positively annoyed me was the translation.

It was awkward, and broken. It didn’t flow right, and it pissed me off. Another issue I had was the characters weren’t interesting or likeable at all.